Shakedown Cruise 2022

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We had a great cruise to Chuckanut Bay on Saturday, May 21. The weather brought us the best day of the year so far, with sun, a light breeze and warm temps.  I think this was the longest we hung around visiting during all of the Shakedowns we’ve been at – the raft broke up just before 5:00 pm!

We had nine boats, from left to right in the photo Rod Dean took of the raft:

Andale (Durens)

Carol Lee (Grafs)

Glider (Stewarts)

David Ferguson (Champagnes)

Papanam (Bilof/Palagi with the Heintz’s and Robertson/Tibbots aboard)

Kestrel (Deans)

Sirena (Wells)

Joyful (Terzian/Steel-Jones)

Air Apparent (new members Jim & Claudette Johnson)

The appetizers were incredible, including homemade (or, rather, boat-made) crab cakes, crab dip, shrimp on toast, pork riblets, individual quiches, deviled eggs – the list just goes on and on.  Thank you to everybody who contributed.  It was a true feast!

Thanks, Rod, for the great photos, especially the one of the raft.

Hope to see everybody at Wednesday’s meeting.

Randy & Lorretta

Shakedown Cruise Captains

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