• Obtain clubhouse key or verify exterior door & storage room will be unlocked by Rental Chair person or Vice Commodore. It is good to arrive by at least 5:30 PM to give yourself time to do the setup and get the coffee and hot water started. Make 1 carafe of coffee and 1 carafe of hot water. Use 1 ½ -2 scoops of grounds per cup of coffee.   Make sure all 3 exterior doors are unlocked & turn outside lights on if needed. Turn heater on if needed (set thermostat to about 70).


  • Set up tables & chairs. 2 short tables or the 2 long skinny ones work well for serving. Set up 8 long tables and 1 (sometimes 2) short table for eating. Traditionally the host committee provides table decorations. Place tablecloths, decorations, and napkins on tables. Place tablecloths, salt & pepper, hot pads & serving utensils on serving tables. Supplies are in the storage room and galley drawers.


  • Put US flag in wall holder near the heater, officer flag stand goes to the left of heater, and place name tag holder on small table by coat rack. Bring out our guest book, pen & guest name tags that are in the drawer of the little table.


  • We usually use the small white coffee pot for hot water, start a pot of coffee and put in carafes on the bar, then start a second pot to refill carafes. Place basket of teas & decaf coffee packets along with sugar, spoon and 5 or 6 coffee cups near carafes.


  • As members bring their potluck dishes in, make sure the appropriate utensils are out, cut the cakes & pies, etc. At 6:30pm, after making sure the hot dishes are uncovered and ready to serve, inform the V Commodore to ring the bell for dinner. He/she will ask for guests to be in the front of the line. He/she will also inform the membership as to whether tables are to be broken down before the speaker or not.


  • The host committee is the last to eat. It is helpful to sit close to the galley.


  • At the conclusion of dinner, it is your responsibility to ensure all club ware & utensils are cleaned and put away. Members generally assist in picking up decorations, tablecloths and help put tables & chairs away.


  • Out of courtesy for our speakers, there should be no galley noise during their presentation.


  • Be sure all supplies are returned to the storage room & galley drawers, trash is emptied & taken to the dumpster near the front of Gate 3, trash can liner is replaced, floors are swept, galley is clean and the storage room door is locked. Turn the heater thermostat back to 55. Be sure the lights are out and all 3 exterior doors locked when you leave.



Revised January, 2017