Checking Out Squalicum Yacht Club

Bottom Line: Come and Visit

Thank you for your interest in Squalicum Yacht Club.

Our club is 80 years old and has about 70 members.  We welcome both power and sail boats, and currently, have boats ranging from 24′ to over 60′.  There are also some members who currently have no boats.  We meet to enjoy each other, cruise together, learn together, eat together, help each other, and generally support the Bellingham marine community.  Our monthly meetings are at our Squalicum Yacht Club building on the waterfront next to the Seaview Boat Yard.  Our off-season meetings (September through May), consist of a potluck dinner, educational program, and a business meeting, preceded and followed by an informal time to swap stories and catch-up.  We continue to meet in the summer months, but substitute the regular meeting with a casual BBQ and lots of time for visiting.

Our main focus in the summer is using our boats tot take advantage of the outstanding cruising options in our northwest waters.  The club typically plans 5-10 weekend cruises to various anchorages or docks in the San Juan Islands.  This gives us an opportunity to operate our boats together and to explore the area.  Many of our members also use the summer months to take extended cruises to southern or northern destinations, from Olympia to Alaska.

You are encouraged to visit us at one of our meetings, meet some of our members and get a sense if our club supports your interests.  At your visit, we will provide you with a great meal, a good program, good conversation, and an information packet including an application.  Send me an email and I will answer any questions you may have and invite you to be my guest at one of our meetings.  It will be a great chance to meet our members, share a potluck, enjoy our program, and get to know Squalicum Yacht Club.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact:   Membership Chair