We Have New Leaders

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 Saturday night (19th) the Squalicum Yacht Club met to change their watch, that is, we installed those who will lead and look out for all of us for the coming year. It was a good night with our potluck even better than customary and most people were dressed up at least a little if not a lot. Ernie was in a suit! Formalities included the installation of officers who we elected last month: Commodore Carl Obermeier, and Vice Commodore Leanne Stewart. Reinstalled after serving last year are Rear Commodore Kristi Champagne, Secretary Lorretta Palagi and Treasurer Joyce Glenn. New Trustee Ernie Salotti was recognized as was returning Trustee Rod Dean. Gratitude was expressed to retiring Commodore Al Hunter and Trustee Doug Sterrett for their contributions this last year as well as appreciation to all of last years bridge members.


A great and fun part of the evening was seeing many of our compatriots honored both for their significant and shall we say “interesting” contributions to the Club. Patti Salotti chaired the Awards Committee composed of Lorretta Palagi, Comador Stewart, Kristi Champagne, Margo & Paul Graf. We had a somewhat awkward situation this year where several rather obvious nominees sat on the committee. It should be noted that being on the committee is generally a pretty safe way to avoid some of those . . . well, less flattering awards. It didn’t work this year. Objections were overridden by other committee members and Club members.


In the end, Patti & Ernie were awarded Family of the Year for all their contributions and support of the Club, not only last year but over many years. The Squalicum Award was split for the first time for the planning and supervision involved with the installation of our new siding. Steve Glenn and Paul Graf will share the award this year.


We had a lot of good and worthy cruises this year. They were all reviewed for the assembled. In the end a cruise was chosen for the over-and-above effort that went into the drive-in movie style production of “The Wreck of the Nancy-Bell”. Shadow puppets were animated by puppeteers Ernie, Patti & Leanne and the story was narrated with the pirate voice of Comador. The after potluck and after dusk production was accompanied by Cracker Jacks and on-the-water drive-in style dinghy parking. So the Cruise of the Year went to Salottis and Stewarts for a fun cruise. Video excerpts can be seen on our website.


Perhaps among the more “interesting” honorees was Comador Stewart. After an award winning Cruise of the Year puppet show etc., morning plans for breakfast were literally blown out. Every one headed for home early as boats started to rock and roll in the morning wind. Comador started out as well, except “Glider” promptly protested. So the Stewarts remained in Eagle Harbor until a tow was able to return them to Shelter Bay. So Comador received the Big Tow award. And what is this about some rumor of the “Lindsey Foss” being involved?


Then there was the “Flake” award for aptitude, skill and speed with which Rod Dean was able to master the art of designing and cutting out a paper snowflake.


And finally there was the “Dead Out of the Water” award for Commodore Al Hunter and his out-of-the-water saga this summer following the failure of his outdrive after his first cruise. The saga is still not over, however, Al is still out of the water, now has two outdrives, neither of which is installed.


With some members absent, not all awards could be presented so stay tuned. Others contributing much to the success of the evening are Comador Stewart who did a masterful job as master of ceremonies. Finally no small part of the festivities was the fine potluck hosted by Linda Tibbot as chair of the Change of Watch Committee along with John Robertson and chefs: Kris Heintz, Pat Sterrett, Chris Anderson and Linda.


To all the above for a fine dinner and ceremony as well as all those recognized for their contributions over the last year a heartfelt thank you.


Written by Paul Graf